You will get to share this intense daredevil moment that Claudia wanted to share on her experience with skydiving. Normally some firsts are never documented but this definitely  a first that's worthy of filming.

Claudia Estrada had the opportunity to do something she's never done before and she thought it would be neat for you too. This was Claudia's first tandem jump in El Paso from the Santa Teresa airport. You will see Claudia before she steps foot on the plane all the way up until her own two feet make a safe landing. She is interviewed moments before her daredevil experience and seems stoked about her free fall soon to come. She's clearly one of the few lucky people to inherit this brave trait that most would fear to do.

If you've wanted to know what skydiving looks like but from a distance like inches away from your computer screen, watch her free fall above!

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