This woman not only broke a world record by performing her crazy stunt, but also made us gag a little! She some how was able to put a snake up her nose and pull it out from her mouth.

It's safe to assume that this woman is quite daring as she puts her life at risk for a world record. This daring woman is Dr Ayesha and is from Karachi, Pakistan. Funn Toosh made sure to get her slick skills on camera as she maneuvered a snake from her nose to mouth. It wasn't a piece of cake as you will notice a couple minutes into the video. She did have a bit of a struggle and as she was attempting this stunt she drooled quite a bit. You will even notice her hands shaking and eyes closing when the camera zooms in on her.

Since you're not trained as this woman above, please DO NOT attempt this stunt at home!

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