This Texas woman will have you thinking she did some kind of magic trick to get out of her handcuffs! Toscha Sponsler was spotting stealing from Ulta and left the store on foot and was arrested a little after.

Police Activity got every moment on camera from the start of her arrest to the final car chase. Toscha was put in the back seat of the Police SUV while handcuffed with her seatbelt on. While the police cam is focused on her, you see her maneuvering around and does the unthinkable. She managed to unlatch her seatbelt, magically unlocked the handcuffs and hopped right into the driver seat. I've been in handcuffs before and it's impossible to pull off what she did while being handcuffed. Hopefully, they had someone stand guard near the cell she would be placed in just to avoid another mishap like this.

I am sure after this arrest the police will make sure to make a note that she can escape out of handcuffs!

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