Having a baby can be scary especially if you're in the middle of giving birth some where else other than a hospital! You always hear stories about a woman giving birth outside of the hospital that make the news.

In 2013 my dad was scheduled to work overtime at the bridge downtown and got to play doctor. The woman that my dad helped didn't exactly make it to the hospital to have her baby delivered. CBP Officer Eduardo Gonzalez and Bertha Rodriguez got to help deliver her baby on Thanksgiving Day. The young woman gave birth right in the middle of the pedestrian line to cross into the United States. As for the woman in the video above, she had her baby on the way to the hospital in the car ride. Apple Play will show you the entire birth of their baby on the way to the hospital above. All  I got to say is props to her for not having the epidural for this birth!

If your gag reflex is sensitive then be sure to grab a trash can to keep nearby after watching this birth!


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