Some women can't keep their cool when it comes to annoying men and their ways. Well, this woman wasn't having it after some men in a van were catcalling her.

Some women are known to keep their cool while some not so much. For how long these dudes were bugging her and what they were saying deserved what was coming. Tubed Tubed shows what kind of a damage a woman cyclist could do with her bare hands. As for some men, when they don't get what they want is when they're not gentleman-like. When the men in the van realized she was not budging on giving them her number, they started hitting below the belt. It's sad that the man on the bike filming the whole situation didn't even try and help her. But from the looks of it, this cyclist didn't even really need his help after she manhandled the problem herself! This woman wasn't afraid of the two men harassing her and got her justice after chasing them down. This kind of situation will make you think twice before you decide to annoy a random stranger.

Be sure to avoid catcalling anyone because this or worse could happen to you depending on how angry you make that person.


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