It’s a bummer that El Paso doesn’t sell Deftones signature craft beers. I know we have plenty of bars that carry all sorts of craft beer. But when your favorite band has signature drinks created it is a whole different story. Since Deftones teamed up with Belching Beaver Brewery I have been wanting to try just one. Then finally the day of Dia De Los Deftones Festival in San Diego I had my wish come true. My taste buds had the wakeful and civil taste of Deftones signature craft beer. Unfortunately, their other beers sold so fast I only got to try one. One is better than none though. Deftones signature craft beer I tried was their Phantom Bride India Pale Ale. I normally turn down IPA’s but couldn’t this time around because anything for Deftones especially since it was their only signature beer left.

Come to my surprise I really enjoyed sipping on my ice-cold Phantom Bride IPA. I am pretty sure I wasn’t only enjoying my drink because of the atmosphere I was in. The way the citrusy not too hoppy taste hits your taste buds and goes down so smooth was enough to enjoy another. I got to enjoy watching Deftones perform while sipping on their signature craft beer at Petco Park in San Diego. I could honestly say that night was by far the second-best Deftones experience I could ever have. Clearly the best to top that night would be the day I actually get to meet Deftones. But until then it would be nice if a liquor store chain in El Paso could sell Deftones signature craft beer. Because it can get pricey when you have to order out of town. If you would also like to enjoy Deftones craft beers locally place your vote below.

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