Most of us who have been to college (or not) probably learned to love the cold, bitter, and carbonated taste of good ol' beer! October 27th is National American Beer Day, and in honor of the sudsy patriotic event, the Buzz Adams Morning Show crew asked each other: what's your favorite American brew to enjoy?

Our host, Buzz Adams, says he enjoys good old-fashioned yellow belly cores, "it's the banquet beer. I'm a simple guy; I don't need any of those fancy craft beers all the kids keep talking about. I didn't drink a lot growing up, but when I did try beer, this was the first one."

Joanna says that she doesn't enjoy beer, "the first beer I ever had I thought it was cream soda because it was foamy and the color threw me for a loop. And when I finally did take a sip, I was disgusted. To this day, if I have any  beer, it makes me burp, and I don't like it."

Nico says he's a fan of American craft brews, "I think the American craft beer industry has grown so much and provides so many delicious full-bodied beers, unlike the large corporate brewers. I like strong beers like India pale ales or double IPA's."

Lisa mentions that she enjoys a crispy and tangy sour style beer, "I usually drink what my friend Gabe, a brewmaster, tells me to drink. He says I like sour ales, and it turns out I do." 

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Everyone has their preferred flavor when it comes to drinking American brews. Much like Buzz, people might enjoy a classic pilsner flavor offered by the bigger corporate breweries. Others like Nico or Lisa might enjoy those bold or sour-style beers served by local breweries, like our friends at Dead Beach. But some, like Joanna, plainly don't like beer.

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