Many years ago Sun Brewing Company held their first event that many definitely enjoyed. It was 2014 and if you missed it luckily Miguel Favela was there to capture some of what went down. There was live music, drinking, people talking, and having a grand time. If your go-to spot for a nice cold one or a few cold ones is Sun Brewing Company then you will be happy to know the good news.

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Sun Brewing Company is known for its award-winning beer, especially with its most recent win. Sun Brewing Company won Gold at Texas Craft Brewers Guild for the Belgian Abbey Ale beer. Now for a beer to win a Gold medal of honor should be convincing enough to try it if you haven't already.

Brew Owner David Slocum is a beer genius since he manages to create award-winning beers. You can hear what David Slocum had to say when ABC 7 News interviewed him in 2019 which you can see below.

A friend of mine Ray A. had shared the good news about Sun Brewing Company opening up at 7153 Doniphan this year. David Slocum is aiming to open Sun Brewing Company either just before or in time for summer shenanigans.

Residents in Canutillo must be anxiously waiting to see Sun Brewing Company will be opening after it has been temporarily closed. So get your mouth ready for some tastiness when Sun Brewing Company open up in a few months. Cautillo residents are looking forward to enjoying their summer shenanigans at Sun Brewing Company when they open.

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