There is something about block parties that we all enjoy attending. Sometimes some of us wish we could have a block party in our own neighborhood but that is frowned upon.

Luckily for us, we can rely on a place to do just that for all of us in El Paso. Block parties are where you can have some good old-school fun.

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Roaming the streets with good music in the background while you're drinking and mingling. A lot of are familiar with DeadBeach Brewery and the fun festivities they bring to El Paso.

You should if you're not already familiar with the block parties DeadBeach Brewery throws. Well, we're almost to that time of the year again. DeadBeach Brewery would like to invite you to their 6th annual DeadBeach Block Party.

They would like to cheers with you on celebrating 6 years of El Paso's craft beer. I bet you're down for another block party after being blocked from partying last year.

If you would like to attend this free event mark your calendars for Saturday, October 30. It's the time of year you anxiously wait for to see their next specialty "6" bottle release.

If you've never attended one then just refer to the video Gilbert Acosta shared on his YouTube channel above. You know this has a gnarly time written all over it.

You already know what to expect to see, hear, and even taste. There is going to be food, drinks, music, and more at their celebration.

So 406 S. Durango is the address you can go do cheer to six years with DeadBeach Brewery. You can show up as early as 2 pm to roam around the block party at the local brewery. DeadBeach Brewery wants to remind every single one of you not to forget that beer loves you.

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