There's a reason you're reading this and if you need a sign, this is definitely it! We all have gone through that phase of when your ex sends a text about having sex.

The Nbc show The Doctors goes into the cons to help steer you away if you're considering sleeping with an ex. There are some who can actually handle sleeping with an ex without letting emotions filter through. Then, you have those that may be thinking or hoping strings will be attached as they once were. For some, sex can either bring two past lovers back together or is the opposite which can complicate things for you. First off, if you think you can handle and put your emotions on the back burner and don't want to just sleep with anyone then by all means hit it. Instead of resorting to your past for pleasure it's better to either buy a toy or just wait until you meet someone that makes you want to jump their bones.

If you're emotionless then by all means use your ex for sex and if you're full of emotions do the opposite of Nike, DON'T DO IT!

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