It's times like these some of us who aren't married are wishing they were. If you don't live with your significant other and have sex just means you're taking chances catching Covid-19. Some scientists are suggesting it isn't a good idea to have sex with someone you don't live in the same household with. There are some couples out there who are playing it safe during these times. While some are resorting to either abstinence or improvising. Then there are some who can’t hold out for that long and they risk it all to take care of their needs. There are some scientists who believe it is safer to just avoid having sex entirely.

This is definitely a touchy subject for some people. In my opinion, it is scary knowing there are asymptomatic people that aren't aware they are. Which means they don't show symptoms and are clueless of even having Covid-19. Scientists from Harvard believe that having sex could possibly spread Covid-19. Clearly the missionary position is uncalled for during these times since you don’t want any respiratory droplets entering your body. Although you can’t avoid touching during sex, that physical activity is sort of being frowned upon because of Covid-19. If you can't hold out experts suggest you consider wearing a mask during your sexual adventures. But if you can't help your needs the Mayo Clinic offers some helpful tips if you choose to be intimate with someone outside your household.

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