For anyone out there attracted to men, listen up. If you want to know who is really good in the sack, make sure to look for a man with these traits. A recent survey of 4,500 women showed they believe men with the following traits are great in the sack:

  1. Beard - 73% of women said the best sex they've ever had was with a man that had a beard.
  2. Brown eyes - 71%
  3. Piercing - 70%
  4. Broad shoulders - 68%
  5. Tattoos - 62%
  6. Brown hair - 59%
  7. A happy trail, you know, the trail of hair that goes from the belly button to the down south parts - 58%
  8. Small feet, yeah, seriously - 53%
  9. Glasses - 51%
  10. High cheekbones - 49%

So, men, go down the list. How do you measure up to these traits? Myself? I have the following:

  • Beard - check
  • Brown eyes - check
  • Piercing - used to have one
  • Broad shoulders - I don't think I do, but my wife does, so that counts I guess
  • Tattoos - check
  • Brown hair - What little hair I do have is brown
  • Happy trail - Does it count if the trail doesn't stop at the belly button?
  • Small feet - Nope. I have feet proportionate for my height.
  • Glasses - I'm actually the only member of my family that doesn't need glasses. Knock on wood it stays that way because I think glasses would drive me nuts.
  • High cheekbones - I don't think I have high cheekbones, but I've really looked that carefully. And I think I have enough checks on this list to be happy.

How does your man measure up to these traits? Maybe you lucked out and got a man that doesn't have any of these but still brings the heat between the sheets.

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