With over 30 million people in Texas, you're bound to meet that special someone here in the state. Or you know...meet some to have some late night fun with for a night or two. As it turns out there are a few cities in Texas where you're very likely to score (take notes Beavis & Butthead).


Some huge Texas cities are among the easiest to get laid

There's been some debate over the years on "the easiest city to get laid" but a couple names from Texas have mentioned. For instance, Thrillist considered Dallas in their top 20 list. They place The Big D right at #10; yes the Cowboys aren't the only ones who score big time in Dallas.

Worst Places to Live in Texas
Gabriel Tovar via Unsplash

Meanwhile Insider Monkey listed both Dallas AND H-Town, Houston on their list. They gave Dallas the #20 spot & Houston lucky #13.

Kevin Hernandez via Unsplash
Kevin Hernandez via Unsplash

But...the city you're most likely to get laid in Texas is neither of these places. However...it IS close to Houston.

The easiest city to get Laid in Texas is Webster

Yeah...Webster. If you've never heard of Webster, it's located in Harris County, within the Houston area. I know it doesn't look like much but according to RoadSnacks, they put Webster at #1 and gave a "Get Laid Score" of 75.5.

Richardson, Texas was not too far off; despite being called one of the biggest party towns in the country, it's score was 74.2 at #2. Dallas was #3, Farmers Branch was #4 & San Marcos at #5. Talk about "stiff" competition.

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So if you're trying to "score" in Texas, now you have an idea on where it's "easiest" to score. But don't expect it to work every single time...

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