A lot of people are really excited about this weekend, and the 600 ESPN Sports and Get Fit Expo, and the chance to meet some Dallas Cowboys. Dez Bryant and Lawrence Vickers are going to be out there signing autographs. If this is news to you, or want more info on this, find it here.

Say you're not a Cowboys fan...I know, you keep that quiet so you don't get attacked by fanatics...but if you had the chance to meet one person this weekend, who would it be? Could be anyone, from Elvis to Einstein to Jesus.

Who's the one person you'd love to meet the most?

I've luckily met one of mine, Rob Halford. It was awesome. But if I had to pick someone I haven't met, it might be a Nobel Prize winner for science or medicine or something. Someone who's done something amazing. Maybe Richard Feynman. That might be cool.

But really, Sandra Bullock. I love her. And in my dream meeting, she tells me that she's been waiting for me to come into her life, we immediately run off to a foreign land, and spend the rest of our lives doing the most vile and perverse sex acts that would make the world's top porn stars go pale and have to steady themselves on the furniture.

Or something like that.