There is nothing like meeting one of your favorite celebrities in an awkward way. There are all sorts of ways different people stumble across a celebrity. For example, we can't forget the time a famous actor stopped by a local coffee shop in 2019.

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The staff at District Coffee felt so honored to be serving on actor Penn Badgley. You should know Penn Badgely from movies and shows he has been and is currently on. Penn Badgley is known for his character in Gossip Girl and the Netflix series You.

So some customers and staff at District Coffee had the pleasure of being in Penn Badgley's presence. But then there are those other circumstances of meeting a celebrity in the craziest way.

At least that is how it happened for Jo Anna Lopez who is from El Paso. She has been enjoying her time away from El Paso and had the craziest experience of a lifetime. Her story I couldn't pass up on sharing with you.

When I asked Jo Anna Lopez if I could she laughed and was totally okay with it. If you have watched Dancing with the Stars then you may be familiar with her celebrity encounter.

She got to meet the American professional Latin and ballroom dancer, choreographer, actor, and singer, Derek Hough. Although how Jo Anna Lopez encountered a favorite celebrity of hers was quite jaw dropping.

Jo Anna Lopez's meet and greet consisted of her and a couple of others getting jumped by Derek Hough. Now the professional dancer lined up the three ladies and jumped over every single one.

Just check out the clip from her special memory of getting jumped by Derek Hough above. Now of course the big reward after getting jumped was the hug she received from Derek Hough.

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