There is nothing cooler than being invited to cook for a celebrity you've seen on the big screen. That is what happened for a native El Pasoan Abraham Vargas recently.

You know a chef's food is that damn good when they're invited to cook for a celebrity. Abraham Vargas was invited to cook at Jordi Molla's house a few days ago.

In case Jordi Molla's name doesn't sound familiar he's the man with charming good looks and a Spanish accent which you have probably seen in Bad Boys IIBlow, Riddick, Columbia, and Knight and Day. T

he actor and painter Jordi Molla was definitely in for a treat when he invited Chef Abraham Vargas over to his house.

Being a Chef took Abraham Vargas to different places after leaving El Paso. In El Paso, he was the former chef at Crave Kitchen and Bar, Nosh, and Independent Burger Bar.

He has definitely moved up in the world and is the Executive Sous Chef at Wolfgang Puck Catering. If you don't know the term well, the Executive Sous Chefs are second-in-command to executive chefs. I caught up with my high school friend and asked him what he catered for Jordi Molla.

He provided a list of pictures with descriptions of each plate that was served. Let's just say Jordi Molla's tastebuds were extremely satisfied and had a full tummy at the end of it all. You can see all the plates that Abraham Vargas served to Jordi Molla below.

  • Abraham Vargas

    A Smooth and Spicy Treat

    Corn coconut custard, sea bass, and chile glaze.

  • Abraham Vargas

    A Salty Crunch

    Prawns, coconut garlic curry, black garlic aioli, and firestick petals.

  • Abraham Vargas

    Meat Combined with Fruit and Vegetables

    Bone marrow, grapefruit, orange, wagu steak, cauliflower, and celery root.

  • Abraham Vargas

    Seafood with Crunch and Spice

    Octopus, roasted porato, cashews, sorrel, huajillo chile glaze.

  • Abraham Vargas

    Tarte Entree

    Pickled cauliflower, gogi berries, pomegranate, beet essence, and sunflower shoots.

  • Abraham Vargas

    Refreshing Medley of Fruits and Vegetables

    Watermelon, roasted carrot, grapefruit pearls, watercress, and guava blood orange vinaigrette.

  • Abraham Vargas

    Breakfast Entree

    Cochita French toast and blueberry fennel sorbet.

  • 8

    Spanish cuisine

    Black paella, chorizo, shrimp, clams, and chicken.

  • Abraham Vargas


    Mango with Chile paletas, and mango crema catalana.