Surprisingly, Texas was nowhere near the top. I guess it's too hot around here to take surveys.

BACtrack has ranked which state has the highest summer drinking rates. Not sure how they did it but a couple of things surprised me, one being that Texas didn't rank a little higher. C'mon man, they make Shiner here. Not to mention Tito's vodka and a handful of tequilas. Despite that, we're right smack in the middle.

Another surprise was Kentucky, and New Mexico coming in among the lowest. New Mexico? Seriously? They may want to do a recount on that one. And Kentucky!? They freakin' produce 95% of all whiskey, what the hell? The biggest drinkers were West Virginia, Nevada and Pennsylvania while the lowest were Kentucky, Delaware and Washington D.C.

DC's low rate, I'm pretty sure, is because all the politicians were in their home states for summer break. Check out all 50 states here.

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