Weekends are for partying!  Before you strap on your drinking shows though, please make sure you take care of business! (NSFW video!)

Granted, that could have just been part of the Van Halen act.  Based on stories I've heard from people who really knew and worked with these guys though, I'm thinking it's genuine. (How messed up do you have to be to make frontman/party animal Sammy Hagar seem the smart and sober one?)

Original frontman David Lee Roth wasn't adverse to having a nip or two before shows either!  For that matter, during the show was as good a time as any!  Careful with this vid to peeps ... NSFW!!

As long as we're on the subject; what the hell.  Let's throw in an Eddie vid!

I'm not saying he was drunk during this Vegas show but ... it would explain a lot.