Christmas is coming soon which means it's almost time to buy or bake those tamals! I am curious about the place you prefer your tamales to be from.

There are more than a few restaurants that make tamales but give you a handful of choices for the poll below. I've tried a few of these but only have two favorites from the choices below. My entire family (mom/dad side) always go to one particular place for tamales. I've tried homemade tamales and holy-moly some are scrumptious while others just aren't. One specific location that people will travel and wait in line for over an hour that always makes the news is the Westside Lupita's. Each restaurant has a certain way of making their tamales that give our tastebuds an orgasmic explosion. Tell us below if you prefer Pepe's, Lupita's, Gussie's, Delicious Mexican Eatery, homemade, La Choza or somewhere else that's not on the list.

If you're one of the many that have to have tamales this Christmas break, take the poll on where you prefer yours from!

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