It's vital when it comes to narrowing down the perfect concert venue for a huge act that is coming to El Paso. For example, Metallica's concert sold out real quick and some wish it would have been at a bigger venue. Because let's be real, those who weren't able to attend Metallica wished it was at a venue that holds a bigger capacity. The bigger the concert venue the better chance you have at seeing a popular band that will sell out. Just recently on Reddit a lot of users were commenting about a particular topic everyone is curious about.

Since Rage Against The Machine announced their tour dates and locations, the venue is still unknown. The responses from everyone hearing about the news of Rage Against The Machine coming to El Paso was overflowing. I started wondering about where Rage Against The Machine will have their show at. There are a handful of places the band can pick for their concert venue. There is the El Paso County Coliseum, Don Haskins Center, Sun Bowl, Abraham Chavez Theatre, and Plaza Theatre. In the poll below pick what venue would fit best for the Rage Against The Machine concert.



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