They have been remodeling the former club/concert venue since around 2018. Wow ... I guess all us sinner, rock 'n rollers really made a mess in there.

I saw a lot of things happen there that would probably not be kosher for a place of worship.

I mean, c'mon, Ghost were there.

Probably the coolest concert venue El Paso ever had, Tricky Falls was my favorite place to see a show.

Rich in history, with a nice dash of creepiness, Tricky Falls ... literally ... rocked.

The list of bands I saw there is a mile long and it includes Powerman 5000, I PrevailNothing More, Trivium and Green Day along with the aforementioned Ghost.

The Green Day show has a great side story.

The show sold out in minutes and for once, come day of show, everybody was right on time.

That NEVER happens in El Paso as fans tend to straggle in. Needless to say, the crowd overwhelmed the Tricky Falls staff and getting in took quite a while.

From their rooms in what is now the Paso Del Norte, across from and above Tricky Falls, Green Day watched the slow moving line.

Not wanting anyone to miss a minute of the show, they declared they weren't going on until every single fan was in.

2019 American Music Awards - Fixed Show
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This left those who were in the building with pretty much nothing to do so, Green Day had their techs play cover songs for them while the rest made their way in.

It was awesome as it turns out, Green Days roadies are a pretty good band.

Here's a great "snapshot" of a day/night at Tricky Falls courtesy of To Whom It May.

Those days are gone though and Tricky Falls new life as an Abundant Living Faith Center will officially begin Sunday.

Lovers and students of architecture will be happy to know that the new owners, from the beginning, have seemed pretty determined to maintain the buildings original design.

I'm kinda thinking about going just to see what it looks, and feels, like in there now.

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The Many Amazing Concert Venues El Paso Has, Had And Will Have

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