It's everybody's favorite, patriotic rock anthem. Even though it's usually not a good idea to mess with such a classic song; some of these other versions are pretty good ...

In honor of the fourth of July and all associated parties, get-togethers and other festivities, I recently posted a list of patriotic rock songs and one song made the list 3 times.  It actually could have been more so, let's take a look at just THAT song.

First, some background:

Ok, enough about that, let's listen. As I searched some of my favorite cover versions of "We're An American Band", I began finding one after another, after another. ... there are tons of them, some done by some pretty big names. The following links will take you to different renditions that you and your friends can compare and contrast at your 4th of July bash. Enjoy!

Yoyoka (Ok, she's not "famous" but; she's 9 years old, she kills it & she's cute as hell.)

Metallica (Granted, they're really just screwing around here but; still ...)

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