Ascarate Lake in El Paso will totally come alive for the holidays with zillions of lights, vendors and synchronized light shows among other things.

Holiday Lights On The Lake will return to Ascarate Park, located at 6900 Delta Drive, from November 24th - January 6th. Admission is FREE.

You may also get to "chill" with some of your favorite Christmas characters ... Santa, (of course), Jack and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas or maybe the Grinch for example.

This year, once again, the themed light show is presented by Fred Loya. For decades, he put on an epic light show at his east side home.

Eventually the crowds grew so large, he had to stop. It was such a beloved event and family tradition for so many though that he didn't stop it completely.

He just moved it ... here are a few videos of how his house used to look.

How the Loya's slept, watched tv, talked on the phone, etc while all that was going on ... with thousands of peeps standing in front of the house ... I don't understand. I'm good at working with distractions but, wow ... that seems a bit much.

There's plenty of room for everyone to enjoy the show at Ascarate Park though as well as all the other attractions, vendors and entertainment. All, once again, for free.

As the holidays approach, things will get busier and the crowds will definitely get bigger so, I recommend you visit Ascarate Park sooner than later.

Here's a peek at last years event ...

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