Some lucky fans wound up writing, recording and filming with Mark Farner!

Mark Farner's American Band rocks the El Paso Downtown Street Festival on October 5th. The Grand Funk Railroad founder will perform on the same night as members of Jefferson Starship and Dennis DeYoung. (Get ticket info here.)

During a Rock n Roll Fantasy Camp ... an event that allows fans to work with, learn from and perform with rock legends ... Farner's team had something he liked.  He told Ultimate Classic Rock:

“They were Grand Funk fans that really loved the band and they knew all of my stuff." "Being that they were players, I’m friendly to players anyway. They’re my cousins, all of these players, we’re related somehow. They sounded good to me and they had a song they were working on that was an original.”  - UCR

The video has a funny intro segment featuring some hotties and Farner answering fan letters.  If you'd rather get right to the new song, skip to 3:19.


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