Water levels are rising and officials are expecting a great and crowded 2023 summer season.

Elephant Butte State Park is the largest state park in New Mexico and it is also home to the largest reservoir in the state of New Mexico.

Created by a dam built in the early 1900's, the lake is about 40 miles long and has around 200 miles of shoreline with plenty of beach space. Read more fun facts here.

What Is The Water Level At Elephant Butte?

This time last year, the lake was only 13% full. Now, it's 25% full, increasing the lake to more than 13,000 acres of water. - koat.com

As water levels rise, so will the number of visitors to the park. New Mexico Fish And Game officials are expecting way more than the usual 65,000 visitors over Memorial Day Weekend thanks to the higher water levels.

What Is There To Do At Elephant Butte?

You can camp, bbq and chill at Elephant Butte and of course, there is a ton of water related fun like boating, skiing, fishing and much more. Now that water levels have come up, there's even more fun to be had.

“We usually have around 65,000 people to start the year off for us. With the water the way it is now, we expect it to be more,” Salvador Gonzalez, the Elephant Butte Lake State Park operational superintendent, said. - koat.com


Keep These Boating Safety Tips In Mind

As crowd numbers rise so do, of course, the chances for accidents. Peeps are reminded to be safe. Be sure your boat and equipment are in good shape, wear life jackets, have your boating safety card, etc.

Never operate your boat if you have been drinking.

For more boating safety tips, click here.

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