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The Battleship Texas holds a number of honors including having been in service during both WW I and WW II. Construction on Battleship Texas began in 1910 and she was commissioned in 1948.

Battleship Texas was not involved in any battles during WW I although she did fire once at suspected, enemy submarines.

World II was a different story as Battleship Texas was one of the only battleships the USA had left after the attack on Pearl Harbor crippled the American naval fleet.

She was used in both the Atlantic and Pacific theaters, assisting with allied landings at Normandy and providing fire support for the battles of Iwo Jima and Okinawa among other things.

She earned 5 battle flags but, as WW II came to an end, the United States Navy had rebuilt its fleet and Battleship Texas was decommissioned.

Photo, HMNS/YouTube
Photo, HMNS/YouTube

Battleship Texas Is A Museum And A National Landmark.

She avoided the scrapyard by becoming a museum and is currently the only capital ship to have had a role in WW's I and II. She's also the ONLY dreadnought battleship left.

When I lived in Houston, I visited Battleship Texas a number of times. Pretty much any time family came to visit, the itinerary would be Battleship Texas, NASA and Astroworld.

Astroworld is long gone.

What's The Big Deal About Visiting Battleship Texas Now?

Over the years, parts of Battleship Texas have deteriorated and some long overdue repairs are finally being made.

To that end, Battleship Texas is now in drydock which offers peeps a chance to see it like never before.

Suspended in the air where visitors can get a 360 degree look at the legendary vessel.

I'm thinking of going to have a look myself.

Repairs are being made in Galveston, not San Jacinto Battle Site park where the ship has sat for decades and decades.

Whether or not Battleship Texas returns to San Jacinto is uncertain but, as far as possible new homes go, Beaumont and Baytown are out.

How Do Drydock Tours Of Battleship Texas Work?

You can get more info on drydock tours and see some pics by clicking the link.

Tour dates and times are subject to change due to the nature of the work and the conditions on the ship.

dress code is also being enforced.

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