Emily from KissFM and I are back with a brand new episode of "What the Buzz" available now wherever you get your podcasts and also on the great Listen Live feature on our website! We're also excited to have this episode be sponsored by Coffee House of Hel over at 2200 Lee Trevino, Suite B3B, in El Paso. Coffee House of Hel has become mine and Emily's new favorite hangout spot- it's perfect if you're looking for coffee strong enough to wake the dead and if you love horror movies.

In this new episode, Emily is preparing for her wedding! Since this was pre-recorded, her wedding actually already happened and it was lovely! She also shares the struggle of planning a wedding during a pandemic and may have had a bit too much Red Bull. It kind of makes her seem like that episode of "Saved by the Bell" where Jesse gets addicted to caffeine pills!

I also take the time to reintroduce us to you, our listeners! If you're a regular listener of "What the Buzz" then it may seem a bit redundant, but I've recently learned that our listening base has grown, so it was a great time to let our new listeners find out who we are!

You can join Emily and I on the KLAQ Facebook page this coming Friday (9/11) as we go live from Coffee House of Hel. Tune in to find out what horror movies they'll be showing and what their daily special will be. You can find Coffee House of Hel on Instagram and Facebook. See ya later, ghoul friends!

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