Can you imagine just walking down the street when you come upon a door? The door is orange and then suddenly it dispenses out a KING SIZE Reese's bar?! This is not a dream, it's reality! Because Halloween 2020 has become a dumpster fire, trick-or-treating has been banned across many states. In the city that I currently live in, trick-or-treat is not allowed, which is a bummer but because of the rising cases in EP, trick-or-treating definitely seems like the least of our problems.

This is why Reese's has decided to create a door that will roll down the street dispensing some of their delicious treats. It's remote controlled and is the candy brands solution to keeping the treats coming but in a safe manner.

A press release from Reese's says:

“Rain or shine, protective masks or monster masks, the Reese's Trick-or-Treat Door provides a robotic, social-distancing option that brings Reese's Peanut Butter Cups right to your doorstep this Halloween. Your only job? Say ‘trick or treat’ after the Trick-or-Treat Door arrives at your doorstep and enjoy your Reese's treats!”

If we want this door to appear on the streets of El Paso, check out the Instagram post above and comment that you want the Trick-or-Treat Door to come to El Paso. It'd be great if we got the door to make an appearance in town and brighten up the children of El Paso with treats. Because this is such a crazy Halloween situation we're in, if you're considering a night in might I suggest some great Halloween movies or some Halloween episodes? Happy hauntings!

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