Today on the show we discussed a new poll where 2,000 Americans determined the most iconic Halloween movies. 1978's "Halloween" was, of course, number one- which is great, it definitely puts you in the Halloween mood. However, the rest of the list was absolute garbage!

No, seriously, we all agreed that the list wasn't the best. While the movies on the list were not bad choices for horror movies; "The Exorcist", "A Nightmare on Elm Street" and "Friday the 13th" were part of the top ten, they really aren't Halloween type of movies. Thankfully, there are tons of films out there that feature Halloween so that you can celebrate the holiday year-round!

Below I've gathered a list of 10 great Halloween movies that actually HAPPEN on Halloween. No, you won't see any movies from the Halloween franchise; yes, I'm aware that individually they are great movies, but this list won't feature them. There's eleven movies in the entire franchise and I'm sure each deserves  a spot on this list but that would have taken up too much! I wouldn't have wanted to leave any out! Instead, this list will feature some (obvious) Halloween movies and maybe some that you haven't seen yet! I've also decided to add something that the whole family can enjoy.

Since this years Halloween is a bit different from others, a night in with one of these movies will (hopefully) have you feeling like you're not missing out. Let this list be inspiration for your Halloween 2020 night in! Happy Halloween!

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