It's that time of year where Halloween programming is starting to take over your T.V.'s. If you haven't already noticed, I love it. Which is why I was super upset when a baseball game took over my Sunday night watching. Apparently the National League Championship Series game was on the same night as my favorite show's Halloween episodes were supposed to be on! Now we won't be able to see the annual "Simpson's  Treehouse of Terror" and the Halloween episode of "Bob's Burgers" until AFTER Halloween on November 1st.

ince this years Halloween will be way different from years before- it's a perfect time to make it a Halloween night in. A low-key evening watching some horror favorites whether it be movies or TV episodes. If the FearFest programming or the list I curated of "Great Halloween Movies that Actually Take Place on Halloween" is too much for you, some great sitcoms have hilarious and heartwarming Halloween episodes you can check out.  As a die-hard TV watcher and a lover of horror I watched a lot of TV (for research of course) and sifted through lists and articles and came up with 7 great TV Halloween episodes you should check out! Some are even available right now on Netflix, Hulu & Amazon Prime! (In no particular order). Last year I created a list of 13 Halloween episodes- check it out here for more suggestions! Halloween may be different this year but it's also a great time to spend with loved ones while keeping the spooky spirit alive! Happy hauntings!



  • 1

    The Office

    Costume Party

    The Dunder Mifflin staff have a Halloween costume contest, Michael's upset after Darryl gives an idea to corporate without running it by him first, and Pam tries to make Danny open up about their dating past.

  • 2

    Bob's Burgers

    Pig Trouble in Little Tina

    I thought this was such a great homage to "Nightmare on Elm Street". The "Bob's Burgers" Halloween episodes are always great! Things get spooky when Tina dissects a pig in science class; Bob and Linda battle a giant ball of ear wax.

  • 3


    Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps

    When an anonymous personality test that Britta runs on the group indicates that one of them is severely troubled, she asks Jeff to help her identify the person.

  • 4

    Parks & Recreation

    Meet N' Greet
  • 5

    The Goldbergs

  • 6

    Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    Halloween, Pt. 3

    Holt and Peralta compete for the title of "amazing detective slash genius" in their third annual Halloween heist

  • 7


    Skeleton in the Closet

    Roseanne's attempts to prank everybody at Leon's Halloween party at the diner fall flat when it's revealed to her that Fred is gay.

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