Living in El Paso, Texas, there are several nicknames for our home: the 915, Chuco Town and of course The Sun City. In fact we're one of the sunniest cities in, not only the United States, but in the world. But how often does the sunshine in El Paso? Well if you ask people online, or on the street, you get very different answers.

Sun in hands
Sun in hands

Here's what people say about the amount of sunshine in El Paso

When we asked online, some of the answers we got were: "Eternity", "310", "361" "321 days a year", "over 300". But the answers are VERY different if you ask them in person. Monster Link Marketing asked people in Downtown El Paso, and posted a video on Instagram. Of course the clip they featured IN the video, was one guy, who probably didn't know or was confused by the question and he got roasted for his answer...

Yeah the poor guy said 1 day out of the year. People in the comments went on to say that it shines every day "because it's the SUN CITY". Some people were very close but they're actually wrong...

How many days of sunshine does El Paso get every year?

There's no better source to find the answer than...well the City of El Paso's official website. They said that, on average, the city of El Paso gets 297 days of sunshine every year; about 81% of the year we see the sun shine brightly in the Sun City.

Now other websites have given different numbers, but I'm going with the City of El Paso since they're actually BASED in El Paso. However because of the fact we get SO MUCH Sun, it certainly FEELS like it shines every day. It also doesn't help that we triple degree weather so often too...

Scott Lewis
Scott Lewis

Now of course we could very well be wrong in the future. El Paso can see MORE days of sunshine, or we could see less. But until then, yes El Paso sees about 297 days a year. And now you know.

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