Loudwire.com has put out their list of the 10 Best Rock Songs of 2012 and the number one spot goes to Dead Sara, a band that KLAQ had a lot of interaction with this past year.

First, D.S. came by our South by Southwest broadcast and performed live. Then they did a live set in our studios in May when they played at Tricky Falls. THEN, they headline one of the days at this years KLAQ Balloon Festival!

Click below to see video of Dead Sara's performance of "Weatherman" at the 2012 KLAQ Balloon Festival...

So, Dead Sara has certainly been a band that has shown a lot of love to El Paso and KLAQ. Conversely, we like to think that we did our little part in helping them have such an awesome 2012!  We're really proud of Dead Sara for achieving this honor. Here's their performance of "Weatherman" at this year's Balloon Festival at Wet and Wild.

Cue in to about 3:30 for the start of the song. Also, if you pay attention to the left side of the stage, the long-legged blonde with glasses is our own Stephanie the Corporate Computer Babe!



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