There is nothing like a well-known band pulling off a prank for the hell of it! Leave it to Dave Grohl and his surprises that he loves doing for the fans.

Loudwire has a short clip of the footage from Dave Grohl's mean mastermind prank! He thought it would be funny to send a stuntman on stage to scare his fans. Dave Grohl definitely knows how to have fun and shows how much of a kid at heart he is. Toni Gonzalez explains the clip above and how Dave wanted to re-enact his last incident there. Now for the people who are sitting far away from the stage must have been fooled thinking it was Dave when it really wasn't. I can't help but feel smitten all over again for Dave Grohl and his whacky shenanigans!

If you're a fan of Dave Grohl and his funny ways check out his latest prank he pulled on his fans!


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