Exaclty 8 years ago Don Haskins Center hosted a huge rock concert Carnival of Madness tour. The Carnival of Madness tour was a lot of fun watching all the bands that performed. That night The Carnival of Madness tour featured Evanescence, Chevelle, Halestorm, Cavo, and New Medicine. I forgot the name of the dude who was our lucky KLAQ winner who took a ride in a Chevelle with the band Chevelle that day. You can see the picture of the silver chevelle that the band and winner took a ride in below. That show featured so many great bands that had everyone singing their hearts out. Thanks to my Facebook it brought back some good memories of that show. I captured about 10 pictures from that night at the show. I attended the Carnival of Madness with some co-workers of mine where we and enjoyed the show together.

2020 has basically cleared our schedules for things we had planned to do and see. For example, concerts were all canceled since it hasn't been a good time for large gatherings. Let's face it we all have been craving those concert vibes that we haven't been able to have. Since 2020 hasn't been good to us due to the pandemic, I thought I would share some pictures from that show. For most of that show, I kept my phone in my purse to enjoy the performances. But I did capture a few pictures of Halestorm and Chevelle on stage that night. Seeing the photos again reminds me how much I miss seeing Chevelle and Halestorm performing.

Carnival of Madness Tour

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