Chevelle Unleash New Song 'Hunter Eats Hunter'
Chevelle are still a few weeks away from releasing their 'La Gargola' album, but it's shaping up to be a killer record. The band has already released their rapidly rising single, 'Take Out the Gunman,' and now they're giving fans a taste of a new track called 'Hunt…
Chevelle Unveil 'Take Out the Gunman' Lyric Video
If 'Take Out the Gunman' evokes some particularly violent imagery for you, then you'll likely latch onto Chevelle's lyric video for the track, as well. The band just released the clip so that fans will have some visuals to go along with their rapidly rising single.
Chevelle's Sam Loeffler Discusses 'La Gargola' Album + More
Chevelle are back with a new album, 'La Gargola,' due April 1. The disc has already generated the new single 'Take Out the Gunman,' and we'll be playing that song on this weekend's 'Loudwire Reloaded' radio show. Host Sandman spoke with Chevelle drummer Sam Loeffler about the band's upcoming disc an…
Chevelle, In-Studio Album Preview - Exclusive Video Premiere
The year 2014 is looking like it's going to be a big one for Chevelle! The band just announced that their new album is titled 'La Gargola' and will hit stores April 1. Giving fans another taste of what's to come, the members of Chevelle shot this behind-the-scenes look at the making of their new alb…

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