This is a clever way to attempt to approach someone you're interested in when you're scared! This man Stuart Edge clearly doesn't need the help from Siri but thought of those that do with this helpful trick.

The coolest thing about this quirky way on getting a date through Siri is not having to be face to face with the person. You can spot the dude/chick you have your eye on, plop a seat next to them, hollar at Siri and not see the facial reaction of your eye candy. Another plus about this is of course you'll make them laugh (showing you're quite the comedian) which everyone loves. Also, ladies you can change your Siri voice on your iPhone 7 to either a male or female, so take your pick. He almost scored a number except for the one situation she had that stopped her.

If you need a clever way to find yourself a Valentine's date, watch AND try this!



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