Everyone wants to complain about the Internet and social media. How it is destroying society and we need to put our phones down! Okay, I agree with that to a point, but there are some times the Internet it pure gold.

Enter Reddit. You can get some of the best stuff over on Reddit. Recently someone shared a hilarious story about their husband asking Google for directions.

User djak posted:

Yesterday, my husband told the Google assistant to give him directions to the Best Buy on Joe Battle.

Google's response was, "finding Best Buy on yoga towel"

I never laughed so hard in my life, and that road will now be forever known as Yoga Towel :D

Now sit there and try to tell me you won't think of "yoga towel" any time you are around Joe Battle.

Stories like this always remind me of Buzz getting upset with his phone because he couldn't get the voice command to work. We were driving to an event together and he was trying to call someone using the voice command. He was speaking loud and clear and Siri just could not understand who he was trying to call. If I remember correctly, it called four different people before we eventually got to our destination and he just dialed the number by hand from his phone.

I will occasionally use the speech-to-text feature on my phone, but that's only in a last case scenario. I prefer to get frustrated with the keyboard not doing what I think it should be doing.

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