Trivium frontman Matt Heafy made some waves when he posted a picture of a royalty check on his Twitter page that came out to a whopping $1.31. Yesterday (Jan. 19), Heafy shook things up once again by posting a detailed and in-depth analysis on his blog about the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA).

“SOPA is an explosive-device tucked between the legs of a smiling, waving business-man in a teddy-bear costume, asking if you want a Popsicle out of his cellar,” Heafy wrote on his personal tumblr page.

Heafy continued, “In legal terms – SOPA is textbook overboard. It’s stated aim is to curb online piracy & restore and protect the rights of content creators. That’s a noble goal. But it gives it’s wielders oh so much more power than that. It’s like giving a Tomahawk missile to an exterminator to take out a bee hive from your front porch. Sure, the bees are dead but so is everything else in a hundred yard radius.”

Heafy’s original post of the minuscule royalty check was a playful yet thought-provoking statement about the current state of the music industry. Although Heafy obviously cares about being paid what he is worth, the Trivium leader still opposes the proposed legislation in a similar manner to the opinion of Lamb of God‘s Randy Blythe.

“This bill, if passed – would set our forward-thinking country back into the informational-dark ages,” claims Heafy. “This country was founded on escaping from persecution of what we were “supposed” to live like – to be free to do what we want to do in the pursuit of happiness and longevity in life. SOPA would fling the USA into a digital online backwater overlorded style-controlled society, potentially creating a situation where regulations tell us what we can say and do. Controlling what we learn and say … We all still need to make “a living” to stay living. But a movement like SOPA? That will cripple and kill a big part off of this free country we all live and love in.”

Check out the entire anti-SOPA post from Matt Heafy on his official blog.

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