The Heavy Metal Icons are celebrating their 50th anniversary as a group and many fans are unhappy that one past member is not involved.

Judas Priest are turning 50 and plan a commemorative 50th-anniversary tour. Over the years, there have been several lineup changes in Judas Priest  From lesser-known members like Alan Atkins, Simon Phillips, and Andy Sneap to more familiar names like Dave Holland, Tim "Ripper" Owens and current, "new-ish" members Richie Faulkner and Scott Travis.

The man that many fans want back in the band for the big 5-0 is guitarist K. K. Downing. K. K. was with the band from 1970, (practically the beginning) until 2011. He quit the band voluntarily but, there has been some tension between him and the remaining members since and he was not allowed to be part of the anniversary tour.

Now, some fans are practically demanding that he and his Flying V be reinstated for the anniversary and an online petition has been started. You can sign it here.

Borderland Priest fans, what do you say?


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