As a parent, this guy is totally doing it right!!

My parents made me listen to country, where the hell was this guy then?

This proud papa knows how to entertain his two year old son.  The same way my girl entertains me, with Iron Maiden and some dancing!  The kid seems a little bored but then dad breaks out the Maiden and it's on!  (Honestly, if this doesn't get a smile out of you, you need help!)

Two Minutes To Midnight isn't really my favorite Iron Maiden song.  Old school wise, I'd go with "Wrathchild" or "Running Free" ... as for the Bruce years, "Stranger In A Strange Land" or maybe "Aces High".  It's hard to choose!  (No offense, but we won't even bring up the Blaze years.)  Anyway, this kid and I may not agree on a favorite song but we do dance alike!

I seriously think I should sue this kid for stealing my moves.