Finland was the site of the first-ever Heavy Metal Knitting World Championship.

It was…bizarre.

In Heavy Metal Knitting competitors must knit onstage while a live heavy metal band plays behind them on stage. But, how did they ever come up with the idea to combing those two activities? There IS a history of combining two or more SPORTS to make a new sport. For instance, take cross-country skiing and rifle shooting, put them together and you’ve got the Biathlon. WHICH HAS BEEN AN OLYMPIC SPORT SINCE 1960!!! There’s also a sport called Chess Boxing which…you know what? Just watch it here.

And, then of course there’s “Futbol” or, as it’s known in the United States “Definitely Not Football”. Most people don’t know this also combines two sports: Long Distance Running and Not Scoring.

As far as the Heavy Metal Knitting goes, the event was so popular the organizers say they’re planning to have it again next year. If you want to see the World Champion of Heavy Metal Knitting go to the 1:19 mark in the following video. This has got to be a sentence that no one has ever written: the winners are the two Japanese Sumo Wrestlers and the other Japanese guy who is knitting while dressed as a geisha.

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