Today we celebrate Buzz's 20th year on the air!  Come out and help us commemorate the big day!  We will be doing the Morning Show live from the historic L&J Cafe this morning starting at 6.  The whole crew will be there, Buzz, Duke, Mando and me.  There will be special guests on to talk about the past 20 years with Buzz.  Lots of laughs!  We will have the new Best of the KLAQ Morning Show CD, Vol. 17 for $10.  We will have free coffee and our buddy Leo at the L&J will have the Buzz Burrito special for $2.75.  The L&J is even going to sell $2 draft beer starting at 7am!   The L&J is at 3622 E. Missouri, just off Copia, next to Concordia Cemetary.  See you there!