There are three spots that I believe a country singer may have visited according to her song. Country star Clare Dunn must have enjoyed her stay in El Paso since she wrote a song about our city. Clare Dunn's song is called "El Paso" and highlights a few familiar spots we have been to. Clare Dunn's song can sort of be a generic updated version of Marty Robbins "El Paso" classic. Clare Dunn's song "El Paso" is from her new album Honestly that was released earlier this summer. If you haven't heard her song just yet you can watch her music video above from her YouTube channel. I must say, I was excited to hear how she mentions she felt close to heaven in El Paso. This is proof of how much El Paso makes an impact on tourists that swing by.

I am so happy that the hometown I grew up in is getting some recognition it deserves. Many years ago you didn't hear much about El Paso but now we've been having the spotlight on us lately. Clare Dunn's song "El Paso" mentions 3 familiar places that we all are also familiar with too. In the chorus, Clare Dunn mentions drinking and singing with the mariachis at L&J Cafe. She also states how the stars shine so bright on the Rio Grande and also enjoying a long slow dance at Rosa's Cantina. The lyrics for "El Paso" were written by Clare Dunn and Brett Beaver. I am excited and looking forward to more musicians including El Paso in their masterpieces.

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