Some Celebrities love El Paso; whether it's showing their appreciation for some of our own local celebrities, or it's visiting El Paso (like Mike Tyson who was spotted downtown a while back). We had another celebrity come visit the Sun City this week: Chris Pine.

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For those who DON'T know who Chris Pine is, he's starred in movies like Wonder Woman (2017), Into The Spider-Verse (2018), he's been Captain Kirk in the recent Star Trek movies. It was found out that Chris Pine had lunch on Thursday afternoon at L&J Cafe

Chris also went to The State Line,

And later that night he was hanging out with patrons over at The Tap Restaurant downtown, thanks to FitFam El Paso for sharing the photos.

Obviously it's awesome seeing celebrities come to El Paso but I'm sure we're all wondering, what's the occasion? According to Deadline, Chris Pine has been working a couple of new projects & show; one called Dirty Dealing: A limited series based on the nonfiction book by Gary Cartwright. An Arab-American family from El Paso finds themselves at the center of Nixon’s War on Drugs and suspects in the first assassination of a federal judge in more than a century.

This fact was also brought on the FitFam instagram post by a user named "bluelupe22". So it's certainly possible that Chris was here in town, possibly working on the show Dirty Dealing, or maybe he stopping by & wanted to grab a bite to eat.

In any case, it's awesome seeing Hollywood celebrities come to El Paso & we'll see who to next big star is to stop by in El Paso.

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