USA Today were looking for the top ten best Tex-Mex food in Texas and our very own local restaurant took the win! L&J Cafe ranked number one on the top ten list for Best Tex-Mex in Texas recently.

L&J Cafe sure does have quite the following since the winner was based on a panel of judges and popularity vote. L&J Cafe was the only restaurant based out of El Paso on this top ten list. The cities that had more than just one restaurant on the list were Fort Worth, Austin, and San Antonio. Tex-Mex is usually characterized by the large portions and how heavy you go on the ingredients. Even you know they're your number one draft pick to introduce to your out of town friends and relatives. I bet your taste buds are even craving L&J Cafe for dinner after reading this. KVIA even captured some of your testimonials about their scrumptious food.

Congratulations to L&J Cafe for winning the number one spot for USA Today's Best Tex-Mex in Texas!

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