I found this list of 11 band No - No's online. Here are, I feel, the top 5.

Sadly, these things happen a lot.  Check out my top 5 here and, read the whole list here. Be honest with yourselves too, you know who you are...

  • 1. Burning your local promoter.  These guys are the first step for many bands and can open doors for you that will come in way handy. When they book you, don't be late, don't cancel last minute, don't be demanding, etc.
  • 2. Being a Punisher. A punisher, according to altpress.com, is "someone who makes a big deal out of nothing or makes the most simple tasks impossible to complete, i.e., “when posting on our Facebook, don’t use exclamation points ever” or “we love the album art, but can you make us 10 different versions?”  Don't be that guy.
  • 3. Talking smack on the internet.  The old adage, "If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all", applies here. You never know who's reading your crap and guess what? Someone who disagrees with you, may also own a record label or that club you've been wanting to play.
  • 4. Be Nice. Be nice to the people and bands you meet along the way. A lot of bands got their big break because a bigger band thought they were cool. Don't just stand around waiting for your set time, get out there and shake some hands!
  • 5. Get Organized. Things like forgetting to bring your merch, or what time you go on or, assuming "the other guys" are watching your social media stuff will stop you dead in your tracks.

There are WAY more than 11 things to keep in mind of course. These are just the biggies!


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