Imagine if your private messages through Tinder could go viral between you and your match and lands you a few minutes of fame doesn't sound bad. This Tinder couple's messages are beyond hilarious and went viral after Josh publicly posted their private but funny replies.

Good Morning America finally got these two soon to be love birds to finally stop the delay and finally meet in person. If it weren't for Josh making their conversation public, the meet and greet probably would have never happened. Good Morning America first interviewed the two and had them hiding from each other behind a wall before the long awaited meet. After finally seeing each other face to face for the first time, this couple were gifted with a first date trip to Maui all thanks to Tinder. In my opinion, it seems like Michelle doesn't seem to electrified about Josh when he seems way more thrilled than her.

Hopefully Michelle and Josh make the best of the trip even if they just remain friends!


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