Van Horn will have another celebrity visiting their grounds real soon. Retired NFL star and co-host on Good Morning America Michael Strahan will be in Van Horn a week from now. It seems like Van Horn is going to have celebrities rolling through town for the same reason Jeff Bezos visited.

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Earlier this summer, Jeff Bezos was in Van Horn to launch his aerospace manufacturer and sub-orbital space flight company, Blue Origin. From then, rumors of celebrities traveling to Van Horn to join in on space voyages began.

The latest confirmed celebrity, Michael Strahan had to report for training before the upcoming flight in the Blue Origin this month. The training he has completed so far involved what crew members can expect from the moment they lift off the ground and into space.

So come December 9 Van Horn will be put back in the spotlight for having another space launch. The GMA co-host Michael Strahan is set to lift off into space with other crew members at 8 am, next Thursday.

Good Morning America's YouTube video shows all the tasks Michael Strahan had to take care of before his flight to space.

This is something that would be cool to witness that's a road trip less than two hours away.

Let's just cross our fingers and hope Michael Strahan decides to roll into El Paso after his space flight. The West Texas desert will have all sorts of media covering the Blue Origin's liftoff next Thursday at 8 am. Make sure to mark your calendar and check out the new space crew to be lifted off into space next Thursday morning in Van Horn.

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