This throwback worthy video will give you the giggles because Scott Ronson is a natural at making you laugh! He had been saving this meal for a special occasion...that happened to be 20 years later.

When Scott was stationed in Europe he brought back a little something that he saved for the longest time! Back in August about 6 years ago Scott had found an old MRE (meal ready to eat) laying around. Scott teamed up with Johnnie Walker to examine a well over expired MRE of his. Something that is expired usually tends to have a bad odor as you will see above. While you witness Scott opening each container will have you bust out laughing at his gag reflex. Johnnie and Scott attempted to taste one of the many items and well... it didn't go very well.

When you hear the name Scott Ronson you can't help but laugh for remembering his hilarious comments!

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