When people think of El Paso music, The Mars Volta is usually the first band you think of. And for good reason too; they've been extremely successful & since 2001 they have been a staple in the El Paso scene (if you want to know which songs are the favorites amongst El Pasoans, click here). Even being huge superstars in rock, they haven't forgotten about the fans here at home (they were nice enough to leave us a scavenger hunt).

For a long time we were waiting to see if we would ever see a new album by The Mars Volta; the last album was Noctourniquet released March 6th, 2012. That was until they posted THIS on their social media in the wee hours of the morning...

That's right. We are FINALLY getting a new album this year: September 16th, 2022. This will be their 7th studio album & it's going to be called "The Mars Volta". In addition to the announcement, they dropped a new single from the new album called Vigil.

This is the 3rd single from the upcoming album; the first 2 singles were Blacklight Shine & Graveyard Love.

While it's really awesome knowing that we ARE getting a new Mars Volta album.. we're still waiting for an El Paso show! None of the 2022 tour dates show El Paso on their schedule at the moment but... we weren't expecting a new album & that was a nice surprise. So who knows? Maybe an El Paso show will happen in the future so we can relive those 2008 memories...

The Mars Volta's new album will be released in both digital & physical copies: cds, vinyl records, even cassette tapes if you want. You can pre-order the new album here. You can also see all the tour dates they have in 2022 right here.

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